(CCNA, Security+, Network+, A+)


I'm a Veteran and aspiring Full-Stack developer. I joined the Army to serve our country as an Intelligence Corps member, and later instructor, at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center. While employed therein, I came to operate a variety of complex technologies, such as lie-detectors and bio-metric recognition as well as intelligence analysis software. I saw how useful these tools were in minimizing the loss of human life, and was intrigued as to how they were created, because I did not yet possess the skills to develop them myself.

I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Network Systems and Data Communications from Keiser University, while simultaneously working in the tech industry as a Network Support Technician at Comlabs near the NASA's Kennedy Space Center. After I scratched my hardware itch, I began focusing more on software development as my area of specialization. I started as a self-taught developer, picking up HTML, then CSS and JavaScript, before turning to Object-Oriented Languages of Java and Python. I learned Java at university and I began Python as self-taught, but became very proficient in that language, as well as JavaScript, both in a full-stack capacity, at coding boot camp.  I began learning SQL in university but the boot camp really cemented my understanding of that language through practice. Now, I'm a full-stack developer, having developed dozens of applications in Python and JavaScript, implementing CRUD, MVC and RESTful principles and technologies,


            Phone:       (773) 895-6932

            E-mail:       xanderstevenson2@gmail.com

            Portfolio:   https://codepen.io/supernal-android/full/BEooPJ

            Blog:          http://www.xanderstevenson.com

            GitHub:      https://github.com/xanderstevenson

Resume - Software Dev




  • Secure Infrastructure Specialist

  •  IT Operations Specialist

  •  Security+

  •  Network+

  •  A+

Amazon AWS

  • Certified Cloud Practitioner


  • CCNA

  • DevNet Associate (course)

  • DevNet Core (course)

  Scaled Agile

  • Certified SAFe 4 Practitioner


DevNet Engineer
Cisco Systems
December 2019 to Present
  • Member of Cisco's DevNet (Development + Networking) team in Austin, TX

  • Responsible for IoT development, mainly with Python, but also some JavaScript, Java and C++.

  • Reviewed and edited entire IoT catalogue prior to DevNet's initial launch in February. I was responsible for completing all our content, identifying bugs, proofreading and developing new professional-looking content.

  • Completed labs and interacted with a wide range of Cisco equipment, including IoT, Routers, Cisco DNA Center, Kinetic, GMM, ASA, UCC, Meraki, IOS, IOx, Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft, Apple, Android and web-conferencing.

  • Daily work programming on all levels of the SDLC, from Command & Control, to Edge controllers and IoT sensors.

  • Constructed and deployed an innovative IR Thermal Temperature scanner using Raspberry Pi edge compute.

  • Involved in all phases of the SDLC, using Git for version control, Docker for containerization and Cisco for all else.

Software Engineer
Apple Inc.
July 2019 to November 2019
  • Python programming and scripting for Web App design and automation.

  • Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and AppleScript used daily

  • Part of highly-skilled Agile team with Git for version control, plus pair programming & code review

  • Heavy use of networking for server management, uptime metrics and world-wide deployment

Software Engineer (Apprentice)
Code Platoon
October 2018 to July 2019
Remote and Chicago, IL
  • Application-for-entry coding and projects, as well as pre-work coding and projects were completed remotely. The application was an assessment and the pre-work involved learning foundational coding concepts and applying them to projects.

  • The actual bootcamp began in January 2019 and was an immersive, in-person, 14-week full-stack coding bootcamp in downtown Chicago.

  • Focused on Python & JavaScript development. Object-oriented and test-driven

  • Skills acquired through use: algorithm creation, SQL, database design, Git, SDLC

  • Tasked to program solutions to complex challenges simultaneously in Python and JavaScript. Developed from concept to wireframe, pseudocode to code and maintain

Network Support Technician
Communications Laboratories
July 2017 to August 2018
Melbourne, FL

  • Programmed in Python, creating scripts and algorithms using for automation

  • Used JavaScript, React and relational databases to maintain code base

  • Performed vulnerability and risk assessments on VLANs, PCs, Linux & Cisco

  • Detected a major system vulnerability, saving company over $75,000

  • Daily use of Linux and Windows Servers, CLI, XML, SSH, DNS, DHCP, IP/TCP

Every day I used:

- FTP, Packet Sniffers, Mail and File Servers
- Cisco router and switch management
- Linux Asterisk Server CLI for SIP/VOIP whitelists, blacklists, and encryption for network security
- XML code writing for interactive UI design
- JIRA Project Management and Ticketing System
- Confluence corporate wiki

Fixing a Computer
IT, Website and e-Commerce Administrator
January 2014 to July 2017
Boca Raton, FL

• IT Technician who repaired and installed systems for over 50 customers
• Hardened personal networks with anti-malware, firewalls and virtualization
• Scripted automated daily malware scans and monthly vulnerability scans
• Administered database & configured websites through WordPress
• Created / managed blogs, advertisements and other SEO content

• Was a full-time university student, as well as working full-time


Bachelor of Science - Network Systems and Data Communications


Keiser University, Melbourne, FL, USA

3.97 GPA (graduated)   

Summa Cum Laude

Click HERE for my complete class list, which included:

  • Java Programming I

  • Essentials of Networking

  • Managing/Maintaining Server Operating Systems

  • Principles of Information Security

  • Implementing a Network Infrastructure

  • Web Systems

  • Designing a Virtual Infrastructure

  • Web Server Administration

  • Advanced Linux Administration

  • Systems Analysis

  • Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

  • Database Management Systems

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Advanced Routing Technology

  • Intermediate Statistics

  • Professional Writing

  • Management Information Systems

  • Project Management

  • Information Technology Manageme






Diploma - Full-Stack Software Engineering


Code Platoon, Chicago, IL, USA  

Full-Stack Immersive 14-Week Coding Bootcamp in Chicago

  • Python

  • Django

  • Test Driven Development with Mamba

  • Data Structure

  • Schema Design and Database Creation

  • PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL

  • Deployment on Heroku

  • Deployment on Google Firebase

  • Advanced Algorithms

  • Big O Notation

  • JavaScript, jQuery

  • React.js

  • Individual Project

  • Group Project

  • Graded Assessments

  • Internship at Sprout Social

  • Complete Software Development Life Cycle in Python/Django and JavaScript/React.js

Stevenson - B.S. in Network Systems - sm