(CCNA, Security+, Network+, A+)


I'm a Veteran and aspiring Full-Stack developer. I joined the Army to serve our country as an Intelligence Corps member, and later instructor, at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center. While employed therein, I came to operate a variety of complex technologies, such as lie-detectors and bio-metric recognition as well as intelligence analysis software. I saw how useful these tools were in minimizing the loss of human life, and was intrigued as to how they were created, because I did not yet possess the skills to develop them myself.

I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Network Systems and Data Communications from Keiser University, while simultaneously working in the tech industry as a Network Support Technician at Comlabs near the NASA's Kennedy Space Center. After I scratched my hardware itch, I began focusing more on software development as my area of specialization. I started as a self-taught developer, picking up HTML, then CSS and JavaScript, before turning to Object-Oriented Languages of Java and Python. I learned Java at university and I began Python as self-taught, but became very proficient in that language, as well as JavaScript, both in a full-stack capacity, at coding boot camp.  I began learning SQL in university but the boot camp really cemented my understanding of that language through practice. Now, I'm a full-stack developer, having developed dozens of applications in Python and JavaScript, implementing CRUD, MVC and RESTful principles and technologies,


            Phone:       (773) 895-6932

            E-mail:       xanderstevenson2@gmail.com

            Portfolio:   https://codepen.io/supernal-android/full/BEooPJ

            Blog:          http://www.xanderstevenson.com

            GitHub:      https://github.com/xanderstevenson




  • Secure Infrastructure Specialist

  •  IT Operations Specialist

  •  Security+

  •  Network+

  •  A+

Amazon AWS

  • Certified Cloud Practitioner


  • CCNA

  • DevNet Associate (course)

  • DevNet Core (course)

  Scaled Agile

  • Certified SAFe 4 Practitioner


DevNet Engineer
Cisco Systems
December 2019 to Present
  • Member of Cisco's DevNet (Development + Networking) team in Austin, TX

  • Responsible for IoT development, mainly with Python, but also some JavaScript, Java and C++.

  • Reviewed and edited entire IoT catalogue prior to DevNet's initial launch in February. I was responsible for completing all our content, identifying bugs, proofreading and developing new professional-looking content.

  • Completed labs and interacted with a wide range of Cisco equipment, including IoT, Routers, Cisco DNA Center, Kinetic, GMM, ASA, UCC, Meraki, IOS, IOx, Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft, Apple, Android and web-conferencing.

  • Daily work programming on all levels of the SDLC, from Command & Control, to Edge controllers and IoT sensors.

  • Constructed and deployed an innovative IR Thermal Temperature scanner using Raspberry Pi edge compute.

  • Involved in all phases of the SDLC, using Git for version control, Docker for containerization and Cisco for all else.

Software Engineer
Apple Inc.
July 2019 to November 2019
  • Python programming and scripting for Web App design and automation.

  • Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and AppleScript used daily

  • Part of highly-skilled Agile team with Git for version control, plus pair programming & code review

  • Heavy use of networking for server management, uptime metrics and world-wide deployment

Software Engineer
Catapult Viper
August 2018 to July 2019
  • Developing apps in the Python language with the Django framework and PyCharm

  • Using Python with Kali Linux for Penetration Testing & with PowerShell for scripting

  • Developing web apps with JavaScript and (React, Express, Vue, Node.js, Angular)

  • Monitoring client apps and systems throughout the software development life cycle


Network Support Technician
Communications Laboratories
July 2017 to August 2018
Melbourne, FL

  • Programmed in Python, creating scripts and algorithms using for automation

  • Used JavaScript, React and relational databases to maintain code base

  • Performed vulnerability and risk assessments on VLANs, PCs, Linux & Cisco

  • Detected a major system vulnerability, saving company over $75,000

  • Daily use of Linux and Windows Servers, CLI, XML, SSH, DNS, DHCP, IP/TCP

Every day I used:

- FTP, Packet Sniffers, Mail and File Servers
- Cisco router and switch management
- Linux Asterisk Server CLI for SIP/VOIP whitelists, blacklists, and encryption for network security
- XML code writing for interactive UI design
- JIRA Project Management and Ticketing System
- Confluence corporate wiki

IT, Website and e-Commerce Administrator
January 2014 to July 2017
Boca Raton, FL

• IT Technician who repaired and installed systems for over 50 customers
• Hardened personal networks with anti-malware, firewalls and virtualization
• Scripted automated daily malware scans and monthly vulnerability scans
• Administered database & configured websites through WordPress
• Created / managed blogs, advertisements and other SEO content

• Was a full-time university student, as well as working full-time


Bachelor of Science - Network Systems and Data Communications


Keiser University, Melbourne, FL, USA

3.97 GPA (graduated)   

Summa Cum Laude

Click HERE for my complete class list, which included:

  • Java Programming I

  • Essentials of Networking

  • Managing/Maintaining Server Operating Systems

  • Principles of Information Security

  • Implementing a Network Infrastructure

  • Web Systems

  • Designing a Virtual Infrastructure

  • Web Server Administration

  • Advanced Linux Administration

  • Systems Analysis

  • Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

  • Database Management Systems

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Advanced Routing Technology

  • Intermediate Statistics

  • Professional Writing

  • Management Information Systems

  • Project Management

  • Information Technology Manageme






Diploma - Full-Stack Software Engineering


Code Platoon, Chicago, IL, USA  

Full-Stack Immersive 14-Week Coding Bootcamp in Chicago

  • Python

  • Django

  • Test Driven Development with Mamba

  • Data Structure

  • Schema Design and Database Creation

  • PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL

  • Deployment on Heroku

  • Deployment on Google Firebase

  • Advanced Algorithms

  • Big O Notation

  • JavaScript, jQuery

  • React.js

  • Individual Project

  • Group Project

  • Graded Assessments

  • Internship at Sprout Social

  • Complete Software Development Life Cycle in Python/Django and JavaScript/React.js

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