Xander Stevenson

Skin Temperature Scanner

It has been economically prohibitive for most people and small businesses to screen people for the main measurable symptom of communicable diseases, which is temperature. The current IR Temperature scanners on the market are neither network nor power connectable and are not calibrated to measure human body temperature. I developed this project as a way to use commercially available materials and Cisco's IoT platform to develop a solution.

Entry on Cisco Code Exchange

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El Hambre

This was a charity app; "El Hambre" translates to "The Hunger".

This full-stack Django app was my final individual project for Code Platoon. I came came up with the concept and planned, developed and designed the entire app myself. The database used is PostgreSQL.

The Stripe payment API and the SendGrid email API were used to collect donations and send emails containing Amazon Gift Card codes generated asynchronously via the AWS Gift Card API.


El Hambre had a beautiful UI/UX. Click on the image below to view a video of the site in action.


My first submission to Cisco DevNet's Automation Exchange. Written in Python, this tool offers those monitoring a network device with 3 avenues for viewing device configuration: NETCONF, RESTCONF and SSH. The results are automatically logged in XML, JSON and text formats, respectively.

Swiss-Army-Conf on Cisco Code Exchange

Swiss-Army-Conf on GitHub

DevDash for Cisco Live

As a member of the Cisco Live - Demo Team, I came up with the concept for the demo and coded the functionality and UI you see in the images below. Click on images to see larger video. Source code.

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I contributed to this automation program, which was led by my teammate Vignesh Nagendran. It generates a WebEx Chat report from two DevNet public rooms, namely Support and Program rooms, in Excel format. It is featured on the Cisco Code Exchange here --> Webex_chat-report. See me listed as contributor: xanderstevenson

Sent Heard

I created this Python/Django App from scratch in my spare time. I gained much full-stack experience designing and deploying this app. The site was fully functioning, implementing Stripe for payment and SendGrid for email. Amazon S3 stored all customer info and media in secure, encrypted form.


You can view the source code here:


I created this app as a solo project with Jupyter Notebook, Python and HTML as well as pandas and Bokeh for data visualization. A customer's demographic information (country, gender, age) is predicted based on first name alone and location is obtained through IP address via API. For source code, see