• Xander Stevenson

What I Learned From My Four Tech Interviews Today

All of the interviews were over WebEx, Zoom, Skype or something similar.

Here is the order of the interviews, with company name and position:

1. Google - Full-Stack Python and JavaScript (Angular) Developer (Part 1) in Austin , TX

2. Google - Full-Stack Python and JavaScript (Angular) Developer (Part 2) in Austin, TX

3. Cisco - Python Software and Network Engineer (Managed Services) in Raleigh, NC

4. Google - Backend Engineer (SQL and Python) - SanFrancisco, CA

Here are my takeaways:

- Different teams and departments within a company can be vastly different. You might totally click with one and totally clash with another.

- Smile and be friendly at some point in the interview. The interviewer may be hating this, so a compliment or lighthearted banter might put them at ease and make a good impression. Let the universe take over and bless everyone at the meeting through you. It will come back to you.

- You will probably know within 5-10 minutes into the interview if you want the job or not. That's if you're lucky and they're not hiding a totally dysfunctional reality from you...lol. If you don't want the job, then relax and finish the interview respectfully, even if they become insulting or you're super-embarrassed.

- Don't put too much stick into what people say about you in the interview or in their report about you. You're great, you suck, you're amazing, give up, etc. At the end of the day, you've got to answer to yourself and you know the intrinsic and earned value you possess.

- Like Rocky said, "It's not how many times you get knocked down. It's how many times you get back up!" Use both failures and successes as fuel to take your skills to the next level.

- In a few billion years, all of this and what's left of us will be stardust, once again. Don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy yourself. Have a little fun out there.

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