• Xander Stevenson

We Should View High-Achievers as Inspiration & Motivation, but Without Comparing Ourselves to Them

We're all striving, but our greatest opponents are ourselves.

Have you ever had this feeling? You meet or come to know someone in your line of work that is absolutely crushing it. They seems to be able to do 100 times more than you and do it 100 times more beautifully and effortlessly.

If you have, I can relate. Out here in the world, people are bound to get their ego bruised when they encounter greatness. My first piece of advice to you is: Pat yourself on the back. The fact you have encountered someone more advanced than you means you are braving the world instead of remaining cloistered in a safe little positive feedback loop.

Often, without pain, there is no true growth. But count yourself as lucky because you've found someone who's already figured it out. They did the leg work for you! This is a gift. Emulate what they are doing if that's where you want to go!

And don't forget, there are people out there wishing they had half of your knowledge and skill. Remember also to encourage learners who seek advice from you. It's a small world, karma is real and it's just the right thing to do.

Never forget your lowly beginnings, no matter how high you'e risen. It takes strength of character and absolute confidence to get to a place where you grok yourself and trust yourself to handle anything life throws at you.

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