• Xander Stevenson

Top 5 Reasons Why I Don't Like Open-Office Workspaces


5. The coworker who has an annoying voice and / or laugh.

There's always at least one and they love the open office. Their vocalizations are the equivalent to nails on the chalkboard, but either no one has told them or they are aware and just don't care. I think it's the latter and it's passive aggressive bullying.

4. I can't concentrate on my work.

Yes, I have purchased noise-canceling headphones and yes, I can still hear every word from the boisterous group across the room talking non-stop. I often think out loud in my head and when that voice is constantly interrupted, I can't get anything done, even after incorporating visualization-based problem-solving into my though processes.

3. I LOVE silence.

When I'm feeling stressed or I just want to reset my brain and calibrate my emotions I meditate. It improves my attitude, motivation, and problem-solving. Unless you are a full-time Zen monk, it's going to be really difficult to block out or work through the noise.

2. When people find out their talking gets on your nerves, they'll do it more often and louder.

Yeah, it's like that. Either purposely or without realizing it, they're going to 'front' because, I don't know, they think you're too sensitive or they just want to assert their dominance?

1. Awkward eye contact

Really, I don't need to see everyone's face 24/7, even the beautiful people. Constant eye-contact is weird and exhausting. I can also feel people looking at me and I have a very real aversion to people reading over my shoulder.

The verdict: Open Workspaces DO NOT increase productivity, in my opinion. As our society moves away from our worship of and acquiescence to the extroverted, wild-west, aggressive personality to the appreciation of the thoughtful, analytical and emotionally intelligent introverts, we'll relegate this open office experiment to the annals of history, and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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