• Xander Stevenson

The Smartest, Most Experienced and Integral Member of Our Team is Leaving

Wow. This guy is leaving for Boston, probably to work at MIT or Harvard or somewhere. I thought it was a lot of pressure before. Now, it's going to be ridiculous. We were already short-staffed. A new guy just joined, thankfully, but he'll be contributing in a limited capacity for a few months.

I don't blame the guy that's leaving, but damn, this is about the worst thing that could happen to our team. He, and probably only he, knows the ins and outs of our projects and infrastructure. This will be a challenge of the highest order, just to stay afloat. But at least I'll be learning even more and taking on even more responsibility. Right?

Steve Jobs looking bewildered
Yeah, Mr. Jobs; it's gonna be a rough quarter.

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