• Xander Stevenson

The Key to Being a Successful Software Developer

For those you who can code and take advantage of YouTube in order to expand your horizon, you may have heard of The Tech Lead. Born and raised in Silicn Valley, he began coding in elementary school. After completing his studies in ComputerCompu Science, he went on to become a tech lead at Google and starting several successful businesses online. He has a wealth of knowledge he shares on his YouTube channel.

Here is The Tech Lead, in all his glory, an invaluable resource and friendly teacher for programmers the world:

The Tech Lead is funny but his sense of humor may come off as him being arrogant and conceited. ut if you don't mind him bragging a bit, he dispenses invaluable information relevant for both new and season programmers.

Now....to the point of this article...

According to The Tech Lead, the key to being a successful software developer is.....

Drum roll please!


The ability to sit in front of the computer for hours on end

Yep, that's it . Here's a link to a video of his where he explains as much:


And now you know. Be sure to tell me what you think the key to being a successful software programmer is in the comments below.

Happy Coding!

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