• Xander Stevenson

The Job Search Continues in Denver, with a Side Trip to Boulder

I've been in Denver for one business week now and I've been flooding the inbox of every recruiter, HR Rep and Hiring Manager within a 50-mile radius with my resume. If you are one of the aforementioned persons, please believe you are still special, but I've gotta eat no matter what.

So now that my line has been cast out into the deep blue sea of Denver IT, I've gotten some solid nibbles in the form of 2 phone interviews already. It looks promising. Once I get this first programming or cybersecurity job and prove my worthiness, I'll be good.

As I wait to hear back from potential employers, I've been reading, studying and programming to stay sharp and to make the most of this free time, which I might not get a chance to experience for some time. Today, I've driven to Boulder, CO, home of the University of Colorado, which is less than 20 miles from Denver. The reason for the trip is twofold: I haven't found my perfect Starbucks in my area of Denver yet, and, I've gotten some interest from some potential employers in this area.

Now, Boulder is notoriously a Liberal town and so I was a bit apprehensive about coming here, as I'm currently a white male with blonde hair and veteran license plates. So, I headed to this coffee shop in Boulder called Flatiron Coffee. https://www.flatironcoffee.com/

So, I was served nicely and I apologized to the lady behind me in line, as it was my first time here and I was a little slow in ordering. We got to talking and we had a few important things in common:

1. We are both from NE Ohio

2. We both lived in Melbourne, Florida...She went to Florida Tech and I was just there for a hackathon in December.

She stated she's been living here for 30 years. She must be a professor of some sort. I believe in synchronicities and I'll take this one as a sign I'm welcome in Boulder. At home.

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