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According to acclaimed analytical psychologist Carl Jung, synchronicities are events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

From now on, I will be documenting the synchronicites I experiemce in my life here in this blog.

Last night I watched a very interesting scientific documentary regarding the planets as first defined by the ancient Sumerians and comparing that knowledge with what we know now about the cosmologie of our solar system and local universe.

They brought up something very interesting and that is that the moon when in eclipse of the Sun is perfectly fitted for the shape of the Sun. In other words, there's no overlap. It's not as if there's not enough moon to cover the Sun or too much overlapping: it's a perfect fit. That hadn't occurred to me before or at least in a very long time.

A few moments ago as I was checking the temperature before heading out I asked Alexa to read me the temperature for the day and I was told that it was already in the upper sixties and the high today would be 82゚F. This is remarkable because it's a very high temperature for the 9th of December for any city in the continental United States.

I slept with my phone last night so that when I awoke there was less than 50% battery Power remaining. I took my computer charger and hooked it up to my phone so that it would charge very fast. his is something that I normally don't do so I really didn't have a good reference for how long it would take to charge.

As soon as I had received the weather forecast today of 82゚ I guessed in my mind what will the charge now be on the phone and I thought to myself well if it's 82 then that would be 'miraculous' because there would be a synchronicity. Well, it turns out it was 82% charged, a perfec match. So, I received the weather forecast with of high of 82 degrees and at the same time my phone was charged to 82% which I had a feeling it be.

Now to be completely honest I have a sort of talent for tracking time in my mind. What I mean is I can go for hours without looking at a clock or watch and guess what time it is, often within 5 minutes. I'm very accurate like that. I'm also in very good with maps and I can remember directions or I can sense my way around and I therefore I have these two gifts of time/spatial awareness.

However, even if I had subconsciously been targeting a battery charge of 82% for the phone, it is highly unlikely I could have known immediately before that the weather forecast for today would be 82゚ I suppose I could have gleamed that statistic off of my phone this morning at some point, but that's doubtful.

Other synchronicity are more completely natural and spontaneous, bec ause they occur out in the world where variables are too immense and complex and I'll document those later. Those are just different than today's e:ent, which to me is a little more likely to be a manufactured synchronicity; It's still important though because it can demonstrate man's power and knowledge and how these can potentially be applied to craft perfect data.

Jung believed, and so do I, that synchronicities can give valuable meaning and insights into our lives.

Do you experience synchronicites?

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