• Xander Stevenson

Running in the Rain

It seems like it would be against common sense, right? But there's so much I can accomplish when it's raining outside. First of all, I can explore my neighborhood. I live alone and just moved into this neighborhood so I didn't want to go poking around alone. But when its raining, no one is outside and I can survey my environment more stealthily than if the weather were nice.

Second, it's part of my persona. Yeah, I'm one of those guys. I read motivational stuff and I get motivated. In the Army we had a saying: "if it isn't raining, we aren't training". The meaning is, we're motivated and eager to train in difficult conditions. It creates a mindset where we see adversity as a blessing. And a blessing it is.

Next, running in the rain can be much easier compared to running in the heat. What's better than a natural cooling-off mechanism built into your run? Plus, as mentioned above, people aren't around, and that includes drivers. Sure, adding puddles and slipperiness to the equation introduces some risk, but I see the lack of traffic, both vehicular as well as pedestrian, as a safety-increasing mechanism.

Warning and Disclaimer: Please be careful when running in rainy and/or wet conditions. There may be an increased likelihood of not only being involved in an accident, but of catching a cold. I'm not responsible if you go out and injure yourself.

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