• Xander Stevenson

Personal Lifting Record Eclipsed

Yesterday, I asked a guy at the gym to spot me while I bench pressed 325 lbs. He helped me with the lift off and I went down with the bar and touched my chest. Then, as I was about 2/3 of the way up and was going to get it for sure, he put his hands on the bar, ever so slightly, to give me assistance.

I was upset. If you've lifted heavy before, you know what I'm talking about. It felt like he tainted my achievement. Regardless of how I felt, I went to thank him with a hand slap and he just walked away. Oh boy.

Now, I had something to prove. I put 315 and the bar and get pumpedbup and lifted it easily with no lift, no spotter. After just doing 325, that was a major accomplishment. I had never lifted 315 totally alone before. I'm still pumped up at this point and feeling confident and so I put 225 lbs on the bar, got in the zone and benched that for 20 reps. Those are NFL numbers.

Hitting it hard in the gym relieves stress and setting new personal records like this gives me more confidence and a sense of purpose. Body, mind and spirit. Definitely intertwined.

What I took away, from an interpersonal standpoint was this: sometimes when people don't do exactly what they should, when thwy disappoint you, you can channel that as fuel to take you even higher! Every challenge in life is an opportunity to rise above and to grow.

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