• Xander Stevenson

My New Job: First Weekend

Thankfully, our shop works a normal Mon-Fri 40-hour work week. As the weekend approached, I asked my senior team member to recommend a work-related technology I should study over the weekend. H reply? Nothing.

He stated I'll learn as I go on the job. So, I had to consider her advice, as it carries a great weight, although it runs counter to the 'always learning' lifestyle I've been accustomed to the last several years.

At first, I though he may be overes timating my experience with these particular work tools and/or my ability to absorb and implement their knowledge transfer to me.

Fortunately, soon after, another senior colleague informed me I should enjoy this 'quiet before the storm', when my workflow will pick-up dramatically.

Therefore, considering their words, as well as how stressful and intense the last 6 months have been, with the multiple cross-country moves, coding bootcamp and job search, I've decided to just take it easy on the weekends and arri ve fresh and rested on Monday morning.

God Bless

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