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MVC as a Software Design Pattern for Implementing U/I

Model, View, Controller (MVC) is a popular way to structure web apps because it's based on the traditional flow of a web app. Many popular frameworks are built on the principles of MVC, including Django and Rails.

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In some versions of MVC you will come across, all three nodes can communicate with each other, similar to a mesh design seen in networking. We will discuss a from of MVC, which I prefer, for reasons of simplicity, that separates the three tiers. This way, as illustrated above, separates the user interface (U/I) and the back-end.

  • Model - Data Storage for the app. The Model processes data from or to the database and is only connected to the controller

  • View - Data Access portion of the app. Data is visualized to the user. The user usually has the ability to provide input through the view, as well. The View is only connected to the controller.

  • Controller - the Logic of the app . The Controller processes the server-side logic and acts as a middle-ware between the View and the Model, essentially controlling the flow of data. The Controller also deals with raw data from the View and contains functions for inserting, manipulating and retrieving data from the database. The Controller is connected to both the model and the view.

The advantages and Disadvantages of Model, View, Controller

As I was recently listening to the Urantia Book HERE, the words from Paper One - The Universal Father struck me as very familiar:

The Universal Father is the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. First think of God as a creator, then as a controller, and lastly as an infinite upholder.

It would appear as if God, in contructing our reality, is implementing a grand scheme very similar to MVC. The Controller in MVC would correlate to the Controller aspect of the Universal Father, while His Creator and Upholder attributes could interchangeably correspond to the View and Model of MVC, depending on which way the data is flowing at any particular time.

If you're interested in The Urantia Book, it's free!

DOWNLOAD the pdf

STREAM the audio version

I recommend those interested to start with Part IV, the Life and Teaches of Jesus, which contains his life and teachings as well as 16X the detail of the New Testament.




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