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Loved Ones App

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Super excited to be working with a team of individuals to build an app for an idea I pitched at our team meeting.

This app will be marketed for elderly people and people with a terminal illness. The user will record messages, save photos, write stories, buy gifts, etc. that will be shared with their loved ones at predetermined events in the future.

For example, a father with stage 4 terminal cancer with a 3 year old son can write messages to be delivered on every birthday until he's 18 and then at significant events in their child's life. Or a elderly grandmother can record phrases and advice to be played after they pass, such as "I love you" "I miss you" or "I'm watching you from heaven". Perhaps a mother who is going to live on Mars can have flowers delivered to her daughter on her graduation and other gifts for the wedding and baby shower.

People will have reveal parties in the same vein as gender reveals where a recently deceased can get some things off their chest or impart wisdom.

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