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IoT Fundamentals - from Cisco Press

IoT Fundamentals - Networking Technologies, Protocols, And Use Cases For The Internet Of Things

I finally finished this amazing book. It actually took me a few months to read. Usually, that can be both either a bad sign or a good sign. In this case, it's more of a good sign, as I was reading about something I'm interested in and not just skimming. However, the primary reason it took so long to read is because I put it down about halfway through, before resuming it a few months later.

The fact I reread at least half of the book is a testament to the importance I place on it, for if the subject matter did not matter to me, I would not have reread the first half. One reason I chose to reread this book is because I really wanted to grok the various IoT-related protocols introduced and discussed, such as ZigBee, LoRaWAN, BTLE and Wi-SUN.

The primary reason I picked up this book in the first place is because it's job-related. Recently, I earned the DevNet Associate certification from Cisco. Now, I'm aiming for the DevNet Specialist certification and IoT is my pathway of choice. I'm also extremely interested in IoT and have decided to make this an area of focus for me over the next several years, at least. Disclaimer: this book was released in 2017, but it's still very relevant

Here's how to buy the book, which is excellent btw:

Cisco Press


The book cost approximately USD $40 but you can get started on your IoT journey today. Check out these FREE resources from DevNet:

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