• Xander Stevenson

I've sharpened my React.js skills with CodeAcademy

Another software development course in the books, folks. I've been delving deep into JavaScript for the last few months and I wanted to make sure I was solid on React before I moved on to Python and Django.

I like this course from Code Academy. I mean, first of all, it's free. Second, they mix up the teaching with videos, documentation to read, coding checked for accuracy, quizzes and building projects. A solid basic course in React, in my opinion.

Tomorrow it's on the Python. I'll be taking 4 online courses in Python and its Django framework,as well as reading a book on Python. That book was a gift from my old professor, Dr. Cleveland at Keiser University. Incidentally, I picked up my diploma from Keiser today, so look for my showing that off soon. LOL. But as the kids say: It's gonna be an awkward flex, but OK,

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