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I've Joined the Bootcampers Collective in Denver and attended The Coder's Workshop

I'm now one of the 'cool kids'. I've joined the Bootcampers Collective in Denver and attended one of our events last night, known as the Coder's Workshop. I found out about in on my MeetUp app:

So, they meeting was from 6pm to 8pm, but I decided to head downtown early to study for an AWS Certification I think will be useful. Here are some photos I took of Downtown Denver near the offices of SecureSet, who were gracious enough to host our event:

I've added a couple of photos here of my new friend, Lucky. He belongs to the Polish couple who are renting me a room in their house until I find a job. My goal is to be employed by the 4th of July.

So, the Coder's Workshop was awesome. We were issued a challenge we had to code a solution too. I paired up with a very bright guy who was previously a mechanical engineer, but who is now working in his first position as a software developer. He knows Python, too, so it was cool to be able to code together in Python and both of us can understand everything.

We brainstormed, pseudo-coded and ran all potential solutions against a test case with the unittest library we imported. Finally we found our solution! Afterwords we Googled some other ways of solving the problem in hopes of refactoring it for efficiency. Amazingly, our solution was very concise, compared to some others we found, except one, which implemented recursion, which is calling a function inside of itself. It was a great experience overall and I plan on attending next week's Coder's Workshop, which will be hosted at Galvanize Coding Academy this time.

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