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Flow Like Water, It Worx

Updated: May 3

I accomplished a lot around the house this weekend and it seems like it all involved water. Water ruined my plans and changed my plans and ended up making my weekend even better than I could have planned. When you are flexible and adaptive as water, you expand your potential exponentially.


I had planned on waking up relatively early last Saturday and going fishing at a nearby lake. When I awoke around 6 AM it was raining too hard and I had to cancel, or at best postpone my fishing trip.

Not the best way to start the day, but hey, let's see what else we can do to enjoy the outdoors.

That‘s when my toilet started leaking…from the base...and in between the tank and the seat. Great.

Because I didn’t want to touch the old seals, I just snapped a photo and headed to the local hardware store in my pickup. I came back with the wrong size seal. Okay back to the store.

One good thing that happened during my extra trip was seeing a cardinal on my property.

I installed both seals and reassembled the toilet, including a brand new bidet I had purchased previously but had never gotten around to installing.

Now I felt great, as the toilet is upgraded, giving me peace of mind. Not only that, but with the bidet, it’s better than ever and I feel a sense of accomplishment because of it all.

Later that day, feeling satisfied but not complacent, I went to the local Dick's Sporting Goods to look at kayaks (the water theme continues...). The salesperson instructed me on the benefits of a small fishing boat they sell, so I oped for that instead of the kayak. The main motivation for the change was the ability to stand up in the boat, as well as sit or lay down completely. The fact it fits in the back of my truck bed with no attachments sealed the deal.

My new fishing boat - Quest Angler 8 feet 7 inches

On Sunday, my water adventures resumed when, after digging a fire pit on my property and lining it with bricks, I remembered to dig a water canal from it so it can drain when it rains and it doesn't just turn into a muddy hole in the ground.

Water is a blessing. It should be respected for that reason alone. But if you don't respect it yet, you will learn to when you feel its power.

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