• Xander Stevenson

Django - My Experience Learning this Amazing Python Framework

My first experience with Django was in 2018 when I took a course called the Python and Django Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp online through Udemy. At the time I was more concerned with improving my Python and just wanted to get familiar with Django before I started the Code Platoon in-person full-stack coding bootcamp in January, 2019. Needless to say, my Django skills were still at a basic level when I completed the Udemy course.

Our cohort is currently in the 7th week of this 14-week bootcamp here in downtown Chicago and we have been focusing on Python throughout and have gotten really heavily involved in Django development for the past 3 weeks. To me, Django, like React, is initially a formidable framework to learn (aren't they all? LOL) but once you get the basics down it makes creating and deploying dynamic apps less painful and for some, myself included, it's fun.

Landing page I built with Django utilizing templates to keep the code DRY.

Django in production is a CRUD framework, meaning we:





Three of my favorite things so far about Django are the built-in admin interface, which makes creating new articles, post, etc. for your app easy, the also built-in posts feature for collecting user input, and the built-in server that updates in real-time as you develop and provides instantaneous debugging feedback.

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