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React.js - the Best Thing Facebook Ever Created

React - the best thing Facebook ever created

Hey there. Well, I made this app today as part of the Code Platoon curriculum. Last week we were heavily into Python and Django and this week we switched it up and are circling back to JavaScript and adding React into the mix.

I had learned some Django and React prior to Code Platoon bootcamp so my opinion is not entirely objective, but I found the learning curve for React to be much less severe than Django. I'll let you know how I feel as the bootcamp wraps up. Maybe my perception will change.

As you can see, this is a no-frills app made with functionality in mind, not aesthetics. We are checking for a palindrome, which is a word spelled the same forwards and backwards. The logic is simple, just reverse the string and compare it to the original, but the 'challenge' is setting up React to be responsive and dynamic. What I mean is, the beauty of React is that the view is updated automatically by the code under the hood (that we don't have to write, thank goodness).

Here's the final product. Not bad if I do say so myself, LOL. Obviously, this is a very basic app but it was so easy to code. Honestly, I needed this confidence booster after how I was feeling after being crushed under the immense weight of the sheer volume of course material we are traversing weekly.

I'll include my code below. It's not pretty and it's unlinted, so you've been forewarned. I did add some comments though, to guide you along your way, so for that, you're welcome. Happy coding, folks.


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