• Xander Stevenson

Checking In from a Place Called Success

What can I say? I have been extremely blessed by the developer life! I've been steadily employed in the technology sector for 5 years now! My job is great. My company is great. My team and manager are great. I've gained a ton of experience and added another high-level certification to my resume.

It all started with my interest in technology as a child and my parents support. They worked hard to buy me a computer and also encouraged me when I taught myself to code. I realized in high school that a Computer Science degree was not for me. Too much math and superfluous subjects that will never be used. When the new networking and programming degrees arrived, the time was right for me to re-enter the tech field.

I've worked hard, been lucky and have been helped by some amazing people along the way. Of course, there were haters but that's part of the journey, learning to not let those speed bumps frustrate you and slow you down! I'm incredibly grateful for the work I do, as I actually help other engineers and developer in my day-to-day work. This is amazing! I love it all.

Never give up on your dream!

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